Scoreboard by Apollos Hester - Songify This!

After an intense dogfight, Apollos Hester tells Lauren Mickler how he won - and also the meaning of life.
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you’re gonna battle, you’re gonna fight
win or lose, you’re gonna be alright
regardless of the scoreboard
you can do anything you work for

do it for us
do it for one another
do it for yourself
and do it for each other
regardless of the scoreboard
regardless of the scoreboard, scoreboard
i'm not gonna lie, they had us in the first half
we started slow but we’re always gonna finish fast

it’s gonna be hard, it’s gonna be tough
if you fall down, just get up

and no matter what you’re going through
your friends are there to help you

with all the hard work you put in
you might come out with this win

chorus x2


A Bm F# m D
(repeat forever)

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