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Amazing Animal Planets Wild Catching In Zoo | Catching Animal wild For Zoo
Net fishing around in Cambodia - catching fish,fishing,Hunting,cooking,food,food street,traditional,Culture ,etc..You can go to watching my channel for videos such as Travel around in cambodia.

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Net fishing - net fishing at Siem Reap province - catching fish by hand. go to my channel for watcing more videos such as net fishing traditional fishing in cambodia how to catch eels .

more video for net fishing:.. khmer fishing .
”commercial fishing” these fish feed families none go to waste that being said if you don't like it too bad.

net fishing khmer .

madraba: bluefin tuna net fishing morocco. some others like to use fishing net some like mosquito net or just a net to catch the fishes.

cast net in cambodia | throw fishing net at south west of cambodia.
commercial wade fishing with a 12ft cast net.
amazing how much fish can come out of a small hole this is enough for today but there fishing there most every afternoon.
net fishing big catch in shallow sea- full video.

kampong speu fishing .
khmer people are so happy after finishing working on their rice field so they relax and go fishing along the stream near by the village...

this can catch just one fish at a time but it's fun and made us calm down. still it was fun but i'd only really recommend this to those who really need fish for the winter that didn't have time to catch enough during the summer months...
we may not have come home with the 35 fish we were hoping for but we only saw 3 other people pull a fish all day so we're glad we caught anything at all. net fishing at kampong speu province, cambodia | khmer net fishing 2014. net fishing in tropical shallow sea by 1km long fishing net. cambodia throwing net fishing .

fishing net .

Cambodia continues to take pleasure from strong development, albeit at a slower tempo slightly. Economic development in 2015 is projected to reach 7 percent in comparison to 7.1 percent in 2014 with the garment, development and services is an integral drivers of the overall economy. Growth is likely to remain strong in 2016, as the recovery of domestic demand and export clothing dynamic offset stagnation in the agricultural and soft growth in tourism.

Poverty is constantly on the land in Cambodia, but the speed has fell significantly. The poverty rate of 17.7 percent in 2012, almost 3 million folks who are poor plus more than 8.1 million people near to the poverty, about 90 percent of these stay in rural areas. Estimations of the World Loan company is strongly motivated Cambodia to attain the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) of halving extreme poverty in '09 2009. However, the majority of families escape poverty will only be able to do as a tiny edge runner. making a considerable share of the near poor.

Individual's development especially in the regions of health insurance and education remain the main element difficulties and priorities in the introduction of Cambodia, 32 percent (or 0.5 million) of children under five yrs . old dwarf; 82 percent (12.2 million people) of the folks of Cambodia don't have access to normal water source and 63 percent (9.3 million people) don't have access to increased sanitation (2014).

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