We wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Dance and sing with a new kids' Christmas song from Baby Learning World. Your favorite characters are back to ring in the holiday and new year with a song. Join Alisa, Hanna, and Ulric as they dance in the snow and play with a reindeer.

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Joined by a happy reindeer, Alisa and Hanna go on a magical Christmas adventure in the Baby Learning World Christmas Special. Spread the holiday cheer as your kids can laugh and sing along with their exciting Christmas adventure. With jingle bells and brand new dresses, the princess and Hanna work to restore faith in the holiday. Sing Christmas carols, chase falling stars, and spread the joy of giving with this happy, funny kids video.

If you love watching short Christmas movies with your children, add this one to the list! It's not very long, but it's full of heart and some great animation, too. Frozen land fans can sing along with a the classic Christmastime favorite, ”We Wish You a Merry Christmas,” while getting in the spirit of generosity as they watch Alisa and Hanna make little children jump for joy with their gifts.

This video is great for children learning English as well as ESL learners - you can use it as a Christmas-themed opportunity to help them learn through song!

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Music: Copyright 2016 Baby Learning World®.
Video: Copyright 2016 Baby Learning World®.
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We hope you enjoy this Christmas Special from Baby Learning World®. Did you love Alisa's new dress, or think Ulric's terrible ”steering” (that's right, we're so punny) was funny? Give us a like and hit subscribe to let us know!