Kawazu Sakura Festival - Shizuoka - 河津桜祭り- 4K Ultra HD

Shizuoka Kawazu Sakura Festival - 河津桜祭り- 4K Ultra HD ; With around 8,000 cherry trees mostly located along the Kawazu River, the Kawazu Sakura Festival (Kawazu-zakura Matsuri) is one of Japan’s most famous places for early cherry trees blossom viewing or hanami. Located on the Izu Peninsula, Kawazu and its Sakura festival attract almost two million visitors each year from mid-February through mid-March.

According to the residents of Kawazu, the first early blooming cherry trees were discovered in the 1950s and since then the Kawazu residents have worked hard to systematically plant more of these trees across the city and along the river.

Finally if you are planning to visit the Kawazu Sakura Festival, we would highly recommend you get there as early as you can in order to avoid the amazing crowds that this place is attracting every day!

Kawazu Sakura Festival Official brochure (PDF) : http://bit.ly/Kawazu-Zakura

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