Starry Night - Earth Patravee [Official MV]

Starry Night - Earth Patravee ( เอิ๊ต ภัทรวี )
Produced by : ภัทรวี ศรีสันติสุข
คำร้อง : ภัทรวี ศรีสันติสุข
ทำนอง : ภัทรวี ศรีสันติสุข
เรียบเรียง : ภัทรวี ศรีสันติสุข

Starry Night ( Lyric )

I hate the moon, shinning the light on smiley faces
I hate those lovers’ eyes so sparkly with those stars

I hate the roses, in hands of girls in pretty dresses
hate that seeking for you is a bridge too far

all I can say is (ooh ooh ooh)
ooh oh on this starry night
all I can say is (ooh ooh ooh)
oh I’m longing for your eyes

Oh how can I love, this beautiful night
oh how can I be, just happy for a while

I hate the wind, sweeping the song you used to sing
I hate how those laughs, remind who I used to be

I hate my eyes that start to water seeing things
that was once adored turned to be so ugly

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