...Lost Surfskates by Carver - San Clemente Sessions

...Lost Surfskates is Carver’s newest collaboration with ...Lost Surfboards and Matt ‘Mayhem’ Biolos. One of the most cutting edge board designers in surfing today, Mayhem’s brash exploration of progressive surfboard design is the inspiration driving the brand, and his go-for-it style is reflected in the bold look of this this new collection.
Ever the independent misfit, ...Lost Surfskates continues to push into new territory with the new Rocker mold, a unique rockered-concave deck design that combines the continuous curve
of a surfboard’s rocker with the concave and tail of a traditional skateboard. Each new model template is a representation of one of Mayhem’s best-selling surfboards, proportioned perfectly for surfskate.
This new collection promises to be a great addition to the Carver surfskate experience maintaining the hardcore image and attitude that is …Lost Surfboards.

Go to https://shop.carverskateboards.com to shop the ...Lost Surfskates collection.

Filmer and Editor: Gabriel Nakamura
Riders: Erick Proost / Hayden Hanson / Jacob Hernandez / Shea Erro
Music: Tunnel Vision - Surf Heist